Nicki Minaj Outfits

Recently, a new female rap singer Nicki Minaj release her new song : starship. I love this music video and when i’m watching it, I start thinking, what a great jumpsuit she wore! I believe a lot girls are looking for her jumpsuits.

Most of her bodysuits can be custom made on

Nicki Minaj bodysuits

This suit can be made with purple and blue shiny metallic fabric.

This leopard bodysuit (left) on Nicki can be made with the leopard bodysuits we have on our website.

It is the leopard morph suits without hood, hands and feet. If you need this suit, please contact us at: to get a quote.

The leopard body suit(right) on the right can be made with spandex leopard zentai suits , choose no hood, no hands, no feet and front zipper , then you will receive a same leopard jumpsuit as the photo shows. The only difference will be the pattern and color.

See the leopard pattern we have : Leopard Catsuit

This suit(left) includes at least 3 parts: a lace long sleeves unitard, a pair of pink legging, and the black bandage shoes. Despite the shoes, the rest two can be made on The lace unitard will cost about $29.o0. We have several lace pattern, if you need it, please contact:

This is the Nicki bodysuit that i love the most(right). It includes a lace bodysuit, a leather bandage top. You can buy this lace bodysuit on The price is : $29.00. Several pattern for you to choose, please contact: to get assistance from our customer service representative. The black lace bodysuit is in stock now, please click:

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