[Zentai-Zentai]Iron Spider Costume with Golden Film Printed

New Iron Spider-Man Printed Costume with Golden Film Printed

Pattern designed by : Arachnid Studio

$200.00 (postage and pattern fee is excluded)


This costume includes :Full body suit with blue reflect film rubber lenses attached, printed with golden and black film and glued with regular soles ($18)

[Zentai-Zentai]How Forearm Zippers Work-recommended custom options for spider-man costumes

 [Zentai-Zentai]How Forearm Zippers Work

Forearms zippers is a recommended custom option on full bodysuit especially on spidey costumes. It allows you to take off the gloves when you need to prevent gloves worn out. Also, unlike the gloves detachable, you do not have to store the gloves since they are still attached to the costume.The cost of this option is $10.00


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If you have this issue too, there are 2 ways to solve it:

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Sorry again for the inconvenience, we will try our best service you all. Thanks!

Theodora Costume | Oz The Great and Powerful

After watched the movie Oz The Great and Powerful recently, the Theodora by Mila Kunis left a great impression to us. Then we decide to make the outfit of the wicked witch Theodora which is a good choice for Halloween 2013.

The new costume is made of black spandex lycra, shiny metallic and EVA hat.

Here is the final effect of our new design costume:

the theodoraYou can order it on our website now at : http://www.zentai-zentai.com/theodora-costume-black-shiny-metallic-spandex-lycra-dress-with-hat-products-1830.html

Terumi Costume from BlazBlue

Since we purchase our brand new printing machine, we can custom this kind of printing suits in awesome quality. Then we received this custom request two weeks ago.

From this image we can tell this is the Terumi from the BlazBlue. The client requested to print the blue details on the black suit. We think the glow in the dark will be great, but our new machine is still under test. We will try to print some fluorescent powder on it after we finish the adjusting. For this suit, we can print it or sew on it. Which depends on the price and choice of our pro tailors.

Today the suit is finished! Let’s take a look of the final effect, awesome!

If you want to custom a suit with printing details, please contact us at : service@zentai-zentai.com

Why your order delayed before Halloween

Some of our clients did not receive their suits on time because the packages were lost during domestic transfer and of cause we had sent them the remade ones later. But Let’s take look at what happened to the express companies.
There are the front door of 3 express company’s store:

What about the warehouse then?

So, i think you can fully understand why some packages were lost in this ocean of parcels which is just the tip fo the iceberg. After we find out some of our packages were gone missing, we had rushed these orders again and shipped out as soon as we can.
If your package was delayed, please accept our sincere apology.

Kindly reminder: the busy season of our industry starts from September and ended on Halloween Eve. During this period of time, the processing time of the suits with 2 or more colors or special options might extended to a month or even longer if the package is lost during the transfer to our sorting center. So, if you want to receive your suit before Halloween, the safest choice is placing the order as earlier as you can.
After the tough time of this year, we will absolutely improve our arrangement and processing speed.. For the next year, we guarantee a faster and better service..

Winner of April!

Congratulations to our new winner of April:

Josh Ausmorph Kotek

His photos are all funny and creative, in his photos, he wore a Australia flag morph suit,  check it out:

australia flag morph suit

The winner will get a free unicolor spandex lycra morph suit in any color he or she want. The size can be custom made.

Do you want a free one too?Just send us your photo to : service@zentai-zentai.com or post your photos on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ZentaiZentai

More information of this activity, please check: http://www.zentai-zentai.com/blog/2012/04/send-us-photos-win-free-zentai/