Put your logo on Zentai and Morph Suits

Looking for something unique to be your team uniform, school uniform or work uniform?

What about  zentai or morph suits with your logo on the chest?!

custom uniform for work, school and kidsCustomize team uniform on Zentai-Zentai.com is simple and easy. On contact us page, choose the Submit Custom-Made Request tab, upload your team, school, company logo or your design, then make a simple description include: suit color, special custom should be made on the suit, logo color, logo size and place, quantity, size, shipping address and click Send.

We will mail you back in 24 hours with the quotation attached.

The custom order will be processed through mail.

The cost of the custom uniform usually will be the base price (the cost of the plain zentai suit or morph suits)+the printing cost.

One color logo will cost less. More color and more complex the logo is, the price is higher.

Some complex logo will be sewed on the suit instead of print. Please ask our customer service representative to confirm before purchase.

Need a custom morph suits or zentai suit? Start custom now!

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