Can You See Out of a Zentai Suit?

Recently, a lot client asked this question before purchase. They want to know if you can see out of a zentai suit when wear zentai in public. So we decide to explain the characteristics of different fabric zentai suits today.

When you wear a spandex lycra zentai suit(also known as Morphsuits®), you can see out of it. But not so clear. You can see shadows of other people so you won’t bump into others.

A cotton lycra zentai suits is thinner than spandex lycra, so you might be unable to see clear , even the shadows of people in front of you are blur.

A shiny metallic zentai suit is the same as cotton lycra zentai suit.

A PVC zentai suit will be required with open eyes or mouth or nose because the suit is irrespirable, so you can NOT see through a PVC suit.

Some zentai suits such as spider-man costume has mesh covered the eyes so you can see through it and have a good vision.

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