2011 Chengdu Comicday 8

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Add.: 5 Hall, New International EXPO Centre
July 30th, I woke up early to queue up here with my cosplay friends.
It was the last day of the Summer Comicday 8, the biggest comic con in Chengdu.
How could we miss it, right!
So many people, such a huge queue.

It’s hard to see the end of line.

Beautiful girls everywhere, I can’t focus…

I took them in the line, these cosers are brilliant! Amazing details!

Queer as Folk, slasher’s favorite.

Crowed square, visitors and cosers

Here comes armed force

You will know what it is if you a chinese


At last, I showed up! Zentai man under spotlights! I should win the most popular coser of the day!

A cosplay party in Chengdu

After Sorted through my photographs today, i find some photos took on a cosplay party.

It was last month(i forgot the exact date), a friend of mine came back from Shanghai. She is a comic fan. She will go to every comic con if she could. This time she and i went to a cosplay party in Chengdu.
The following photos are took there:

cosplay party in chengdu - pic 1

cosplay party in chengdu - pic 2

cosplay party in chengdu - pic 3

Just arrived the party, we saw the cosers were taking a break. One girl was hot! Most cosers are gorgeous. But, i saw a manly aunt wearing a lolita dress without any makeup or accessories but a ugly slippers was killing me.