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Add Soles to Zentai Suits

Some clients want to add soles on the zentai suit to make it more durable or walk without slipping. After requested by a client, we added the sole once. But it did not turn out as we expedited. So we … Continue reading

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Mr.Zentai wearing a blue morphsuite in his gym

My friends and I have a fitness program and we have established a simple gym at my home.Of course, doing the same thing will make people boring every day,so we need a funny idea that make us happy and relaxed … Continue reading

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I want to be Mr. Muscle Morphsuit Man

I just bought these exercise equipment. i spare some time for exercises each day so i may be a muscle man someday. This is the first time i shoot a video, hope you like it. This video is taken in … Continue reading

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Decorate your Christmas zentai suits now!

The Christmas is coming! Have you think about how to decorate your zentai suit when decorating your Christmas tree? Do you have any idea now? My firend collected some interesting accossories so i put them all on with my zentai … Continue reading

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My Opinion of Zentai suits and Zentai Suits Colletion

Statement: Photos have watermarks, © all right reserved.If you love zentai suits or you find it interesting, Please quote reprinted annotated source consciously, thanks a lot. Zentai lovers are welcomed to join us and share your experience with us. Maybe because i’m a introverted guy, I fell in love with zentai suits when i first saw someone wearing it. I’ve been a zentai fan for about 2 years. I seized every opportunity to take photos in Zentai when hanging out with my friends. Those poses will be odd unless in Zentai. Some people think this kind of full body suit is sick. I know some people use Zentai suits for sexy video. But, look at the bright side, this colorful suit will bring you and your friends great fun! It depends on what did you do with it. I googled a lot of Zentai suit group. They usually gathered together and all present in Zentai. One of my favorite is TheZentaiProject. They have hundreds of photos about their party. I love the way they demonstrate.I remember i put some zentai photos on a forum, some members couldn’t accept it. They said: you can rub a bank in that! Maybe this may happen someday(just for fun). I believe a zentai … Continue reading

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Do whatever you like in Zentai

Declaration: Please leave a back link when reproduce this blog. There are a lot of zentai related photos on Facebook.  Some is a person wear in a leopard zentai suit drinking from the river. Some are art.  I wish I could take photos like that, but all I can do is self-portraits. The following photo is PSed. The light in the room is not that bright as professional studio. Thank god I have PS. LOL.  My jacket looks great, if some body would come with me, I will wear it to the street. My hands: My feet Leave me alone! Or I will break your neck! If you like zentai suits as I do, start it from here: a blue spandex lycra Zentai suit..

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Mr. Zentai Amuse Himself

I saw many people wearing full body suits in public. It looked like a E.T. theme party to me. This performing art is stunning and coooooooool! I think it would be fun if i wear a colour zentai suit in … Continue reading

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Custom-made zebra zentai suit and my bro’s blue morphsuits

Since I started this full body suits website last year, my life is getting so busy. Finally I got a minute to introduce you my story today. My love to morphsuits came from my bro. He is a coser (cosplay … Continue reading

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Mr.Zentai in Zentai

Mr.Zentai took these photos last weekend. 1. Mr.Z for Zebra! Come on~~~ 2. Dear Zentai Bible, I follow you forever! Dr.Zentai said, let there be zentai! 3. The alien touch! 4. “Do i have the sexy back as peter?”

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New Arrival on March 22nd

Hi~every morphmate, New pattern premium Morphsuits is arrived! Let’s take a look now!

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