That’s Why Zentai Gets Fetish!

As known to all:
The definition of Morphsuits is Fun.
The definition of Zentai Suits is Fun and Fetish.

How does that happen? Take a look at the following pics:

pic 1. a normal navy blue Zentai/Morpshuits with open mouth.

2.after bandage on…

Guess i don’t have to say a word, the pics show all.

Do you think this is fetish too? XD

What’s Morphsuits?

The word “Morphsuits” can be consider as the English version for “Lycra Full-body Zentai”.
Some fans think that wearing a Zentai suit is getting more fetish(this is caused by the Zentai AV shot in Japan) but wearing a Morphsuits is having fun.
A morphsuits has two features:
1)made by spandex Lycra;
2)Full-body suits.
The original Morphsuits are solid color full-body spandex Lycra Zentai suits.
The premium Morphsuits are full-body spandex Lycra Zentai suits with pattern such as leopard, stripe, flag, etc.

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What’s Zentai?

The word ” Zentai ” comes from the Japanese word “ゼンタイ/全身タイツ : zenshin taitsu ” which means “full-body tights”. It is is a term for skin-tight garments that cover the full body.
The original Zentai is a tight-fitting catsuit made of stretchy lycra (spandex) fabric that covers the full body, also the face(which is called Morphsuits now). Now you can choose a Zentai made by Spandex Lycra, PVC, Velvet, Shiny Metallic and other new fabrics. The pattern and color of a zentai suits is getting more and more rich.
The fun of wearing a Zentai is here waiting for you to explore.

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