How to Cut Eye Holes on Spiderman Costume

To have better vision, we will recommend open eyes option to your spiderman suit with EVA lenses or Faceshell Set. If you want to apply the EVA lenses by yourself, we will not recommend open eyes before the lenses are glued. So if you received a suit without eye holes, please cut it after applied the lenses by following the guide below:

1. glue the lenses on.

2. turn the mask inside out and cut it inside the frame

3. turn it back and try the mask on. Please make sure you cut inside the frame and be careful about the cut, do not damage the mesh and frame.

Add Soles to Zentai Suits

Some clients want to add soles on the zentai suit to make it more durable or walk without slipping. After requested by a client, we added the sole once. But it did not turn out as we expedited. So we googled the ways people do to add the soles to the zentai suit and other bodysuits, we find the best way to do it and which should be done by the client himself/herself.

1. order the zentai suit you want. a pair of sport shoes (running shoes are great choice, choose carefully based on the shape of the soles.)

3. cut the soles off the sport shoes and put some glue on them.

4. wearing your zentai suit and step on the soles and it is done!

Theodora Costume | Oz The Great and Powerful

After watched the movie Oz The Great and Powerful recently, the Theodora by Mila Kunis left a great impression to us. Then we decide to make the outfit of the wicked witch Theodora which is a good choice for Halloween 2013.

The new costume is made of black spandex lycra, shiny metallic and EVA hat.

Here is the final effect of our new design costume:

the theodoraYou can order it on our website now at :

Terumi Costume from BlazBlue

Since we purchase our brand new printing machine, we can custom this kind of printing suits in awesome quality. Then we received this custom request two weeks ago.

From this image we can tell this is the Terumi from the BlazBlue. The client requested to print the blue details on the black suit. We think the glow in the dark will be great, but our new machine is still under test. We will try to print some fluorescent powder on it after we finish the adjusting. For this suit, we can print it or sew on it. Which depends on the price and choice of our pro tailors.

Today the suit is finished! Let’s take a look of the final effect, awesome!

If you want to custom a suit with printing details, please contact us at :

How to go to the bathroom in a Morph Suit or Zentai Suit?

I was been asked about this question ever since i start wearing a zentai suit. The answer is quite simple :
1.take the suit off .
2.add a crotch zipper on the suit when order it.

A crotch zipper can be made Vertical or Horizontal.

The Crotch zipper (vertical) can be made for male or female. The only difference is the length. The male crotch zipper start from under belly button to the middle of the crotch. The female crotch zipper is longer, start from under belly button to the under back waist.
As the zipper is invisible, so you do not have to worry about how obvious it is. This custom option will brings you a better experience in a Morph Suit or Zentai Suit.
As you can see, there is a 3rd design – Wear From Legs – with this design, there will be no back zipper on the suit.
The 3 custom options are can be made on : . The price for each option is : $5.00.

Winner of April!

Congratulations to our new winner of April:

Josh Ausmorph Kotek

His photos are all funny and creative, in his photos, he wore a Australia flag morph suit,  check it out:

australia flag morph suit

The winner will get a free unicolor spandex lycra morph suit in any color he or she want. The size can be custom made.

Do you want a free one too?Just send us your photo to : or post your photos on our facebook page:

More information of this activity, please check:

Send Us Photos, Win Free Zentai!

Send us photos or video of you in Zentai suit or Morph suits, get the chance to win aFree Lycra Zentai(morph suit) in any color you want!

How to win? Your photos or video should be fun and creative. The comments will tell us how good it is. After discuss with our staff, the winner emerged!

We will choose one winner and post his or her name on our facebook page at the end of every month.
The free Zentai suit is a plain color lycra zentai suit, winner choose the color.
Package will be shipped out via Super Saver shipping.

The winner needs to post photos with the free suit on his/her facebook page and share your joy with us! .

You can send the photos to : or post on our facebook page.

The Contest shall be explained by

Nicki Minaj Outfits

Recently, a new female rap singer Nicki Minaj release her new song : starship. I love this music video and when i’m watching it, I start thinking, what a great jumpsuit she wore! I believe a lot girls are looking for her jumpsuits.

Most of her bodysuits can be custom made on

Nicki Minaj bodysuits

This suit can be made with purple and blue shiny metallic fabric.

This leopard bodysuit (left) on Nicki can be made with the leopard bodysuits we have on our website.

It is the leopard morph suits without hood, hands and feet. If you need this suit, please contact us at: to get a quote.

The leopard body suit(right) on the right can be made with spandex leopard zentai suits , choose no hood, no hands, no feet and front zipper , then you will receive a same leopard jumpsuit as the photo shows. The only difference will be the pattern and color.

See the leopard pattern we have : Leopard Catsuit

This suit(left) includes at least 3 parts: a lace long sleeves unitard, a pair of pink legging, and the black bandage shoes. Despite the shoes, the rest two can be made on The lace unitard will cost about $29.o0. We have several lace pattern, if you need it, please contact:

This is the Nicki bodysuit that i love the most(right). It includes a lace bodysuit, a leather bandage top. You can buy this lace bodysuit on The price is : $29.00. Several pattern for you to choose, please contact: to get assistance from our customer service representative. The black lace bodysuit is in stock now, please click: