Why Choose Zentai-Zentai.com to Custom Printed Superhero Costumes?

We noticed that some websites are selling the same items like we do and copied our attributes. It is easy to tell the difference between our suits and theirs:
1. fabric;
2. printing;
3. sewing.
Our printer is the latest fabric printer made in Japan, the high quality printer and ink guaranteed the suit has vivid color and true to its original design. Our skilled tailors have over 3 years experience in sewing the unique designed suits. (we are also the first company in China tailoring THE printed suits, we helped improving the design to make sure the pattern matches perfectly near the sewing lines ).
As we offer free re-size service, you can have your suit tailor-made.
If you need custom any printed suit, please feel free to contact us at: service@zentai-zentai.com
Have a nice day 🙂
PS: Some people think we “steal” patterns. We have over 400 patterns and how many you can see on our website?
Less than 50. Some patterns are provided by clients whom agree to resell. Since we do not know all the designers in the whole world, so when the designer of a pattern thinks it is his or hers, we will remove it. Please understand that we did not charge any pattern cost. We are a company selling printing and sewing service. Thanks for the understanding:)

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