Put your logo on Zentai and Morph Suits

Looking for something unique to be your team uniform, school uniform or work uniform?

What about  zentai or morph suits with your logo on the chest?!

custom uniform for work, school and kidsCustomize team uniform on Zentai-Zentai.com is simple and easy. On contact us page, choose the Submit Custom-Made Request tab, upload your team, school, company logo or your design, then make a simple description include: suit color, special custom should be made on the suit, logo color, logo size and place, quantity, size, shipping address and click Send.

We will mail you back in 24 hours with the quotation attached.

The custom order will be processed through mail.

The cost of the custom uniform usually will be the base price (the cost of the plain zentai suit or morph suits)+the printing cost.

One color logo will cost less. More color and more complex the logo is, the price is higher.

Some complex logo will be sewed on the suit instead of print. Please ask our customer service representative to confirm before purchase.

Need a custom morph suits or zentai suit? Start custom now!

Zentai Suits or Morph Suits for Kids

Are you looking for a Spandex Zentai Suit (also known as Morphsuits®) for kids?Need to tailor made the size or custom the style? You just come to the right place! On Zentai-Zentai.com, we provide free size custom-made service on every spandex bodysuits. If you want to design a costume for your kid or yourself, click here and upload your design.

All zentai suits can be made in kids size. Here is the size chart :

Kids Size Chart
Size Height
cm in
S (age 6-8) 102 – 118 3´4″ – 3´10″
M (age 8-10) 119 – 136 3´11″ – 4´5″
L (age 10-12) 137 – 152 4´6″ – 5´

If you can not find the size your want, or your can not decide between two sizes, you can choose Size Custom-Made beside the Size drop menu and it is FREE!

Can You See Out of a Zentai Suit?

Recently, a lot client asked this question before purchase. They want to know if you can see out of a zentai suit when wear zentai in public. So we decide to explain the characteristics of different fabric zentai suits today.

When you wear a spandex lycra zentai suit(also known as Morphsuits®), you can see out of it. But not so clear. You can see shadows of other people so you won’t bump into others.

A cotton lycra zentai suits is thinner than spandex lycra, so you might be unable to see clear , even the shadows of people in front of you are blur.

A shiny metallic zentai suit is the same as cotton lycra zentai suit.

A PVC zentai suit will be required with open eyes or mouth or nose because the suit is irrespirable, so you can NOT see through a PVC suit.

Some zentai suits such as spider-man costume has mesh covered the eyes so you can see through it and have a good vision.

If you guys have further questions about the transparent of a zentai suit, please feel free to mail us to : service@zentai-zentai.com

Chuck Johnson

Something About The Size Custom-Made

Recently, we received some complains about the size. Specially the length of the torso. After checking with our clients again and again, we finally find out that the torso is too short because they provided wrong measurements of the leg length.
In our size custom made chart, there is no torso length because our tailor will count it this way:

Torso length= height-leg length-head and neck length(about 30cm)

To avoid the same situation and save your money, please ready our guide of how to measure carefully before purchase.

  • Height – from top to floor
  • Weight
  • Head – the circumference of the largest part of your head
  • Neck – the circumference of the largest part of your neck
  • Bust -the circumference of the largest part of your chest
  • Waist- the smallest part of your waist, usually the waist line is about 2″ above the belly button
  • Hip – the circumference of the largest part of your hip
  • Thigh – the circumference of the largest part of your thigh
  • Ankle – the circumference of the ankle
  • Shoulder Width – the length from shoulder to shoulder
  • Sleeve – the length from shoulder to the middle finger (include hand length)
  • B.C. – the circumference of the largest part of your biceps
  • Wrist – the circumference of your wrist
  • Leg Length – the inseam length, from crotch to ankle
  • Foot Length – the length of your foot
  • To have a better fit, please measure your size carefully and fill them out right.

    If you have any question about the size and measurements, please feel free to contact us at : service@zentai-zentai.com

    Zentai-Zentai.com Team
    Updated on March 28th, 2012

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    Mr.Zentai wearing a blue morphsuite in his gym

    My friends and I have a fitness program and we have established a simple gym at my home.Of course, doing the same thing will make people boring every day,so we need a funny idea that make us happy and relaxed . I try to exercise in a zentai,at beginning it is difficult,the fabric on the suit is slippery.But, it’s very funny and amazing .

    Blue morph suite


    Blue morphsuit guy in his gym

    Blue zentai

    bule zentai

    Blue zentai suit

    blue morphsuit

    I want to be Mr. Muscle Morphsuit Man

    I just bought these exercise equipment. i spare some time for exercises each day so i may be a muscle man someday. This is the first time i shoot a video, hope you like it.

    Blue Zentai in Gym

    blue spandex morphsuit

    Cheap blue morphsuit

    blue lycra zentai suit

    Cheap blue mrophsuits

    This video is taken in my home.
    You can find this blue zentai suit on:

    Blue Solid Color Full Body Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit