Mr. Zentai Amuse Himself

I saw many people wearing full body suits in public. It looked like a E.T. theme party to me. This performing art is stunning and coooooooool! I think it would be fun if i wear a colour zentai suit in front of a graffiti wall.So i did it!

first lycra spandex green man
(left)What do you think?A green man? I tried a lot of posts to made me look like a Kung Fu star.

(down)My header is out of the pictureÔÇŽ.
secound green man

Mr. Green Man definitely need to put some weight on. If i have a bigger head, i will be look like a real E.T.

third green man

fourth green man

first red manHello!!!Guys,the red man is hello to ya all!

Don’t push me,I will kick you on the ass!

secound red man

Not just a solid suit, you can put any interesting decorations on if you want. It will be fun ,trust me. ­čśÇ
third red man

I’m a brown color bay.

a brown man


My friends and I went to the Chengdu Zebra Music Festival last week. When we moved through the crowd, to my great surprise, I saw these two blue-skinned extraterrestrials—Avatar!

blue avatar man and a girl - 1

The first thing flashed through my mind was ” I have one like this, too !”

blue avatar man and a girl - 2

LOL. Suddenly i felt bad because i thought i should wear my green morphsuit on this festival! Think about it, a group of “colorful” morphmates show up in the crazy crowd, that rocks! My suits won’t miss my next party.
A morphsuit or zentai suit is your best choice for your party, especially the outdoor parties. A colorful full body suit will definitely blow everybody’s mind. You can try some accessories such as sunglass, hat or even an underwear XD. The advance of a solid morphsuits is: you can consider as you are naked and you can put on whatever you like. Put a morphsuit on and start to wear it in your own style!