[Zentai-Zentai]Iron Spider Costume with Golden Film Printed

New Iron Spider-Man Printed Costume with Golden Film Printed

Pattern designed by : Arachnid Studio

$200.00 (postage and pattern fee is excluded)


This costume includes :Full body suit with blue reflect film rubber lenses attached, printed with golden and black film and glued with regular soles ($18)

[Zentai-Zentai]How Forearm Zippers Work-recommended custom options for spider-man costumes

 [Zentai-Zentai]How Forearm Zippers Work

Forearms zippers is a recommended custom option on full bodysuit especially on spidey costumes. It allows you to take off the gloves when you need to prevent gloves worn out. Also, unlike the gloves detachable, you do not have to store the gloves since they are still attached to the costume.The cost of this option is $10.00


Why Choose Zentai-Zentai.com to Custom Printed Superhero Costumes?

We noticed that some websites are selling the same items like we do and copied our attributes. It is easy to tell the difference between our suits and theirs:
1. fabric;
2. printing;
3. sewing.
Our printer is the latest fabric printer made in Japan, the high quality printer and ink guaranteed the suit has vivid color and true to its original design. Our skilled tailors have over 3 years experience in sewing the unique designed suits. (we are also the first company in China tailoring THE printed suits, we helped improving the design to make sure the pattern matches perfectly near the sewing lines ).
As we offer free re-size service, you can have your suit tailor-made.
If you need custom any printed suit, please feel free to contact us at: service@zentai-zentai.com
Have a nice day 🙂
PS: Some people think we “steal” patterns. We have over 400 patterns and how many you can see on our website?
Less than 50. Some patterns are provided by clients whom agree to resell. Since we do not know all the designers in the whole world, so when the designer of a pattern thinks it is his or hers, we will remove it. Please understand that we did not charge any pattern cost. We are a company selling printing and sewing service. Thanks for the understanding:)

How to Cut Eye Holes on Spiderman Costume

To have better vision, we will recommend open eyes option to your spiderman suit with EVA lenses or Faceshell Set. If you want to apply the EVA lenses by yourself, we will not recommend open eyes before the lenses are glued. So if you received a suit without eye holes, please cut it after applied the lenses by following the guide below:

1. glue the lenses on.

2. turn the mask inside out and cut it inside the frame

3. turn it back and try the mask on. Please make sure you cut inside the frame and be careful about the cut, do not damage the mesh and frame.

How should I do if i can not open Zentai-Zentai.com

Sorry for the inconvenience. We noticed that some clients can not open our website. Maybe our website is temporarily blocked in some countries.
If you have this issue too, there are 2 ways to solve it:

Please try to bind the domain to the ip as follow : www.zentai-zentai.com m.zentai-zentai.com zentai-zentai.com

If you are using Windows, find the file named “hosts” at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc,  then open it via txt,  add the three lines on the bottom of the file, save the file and restart your browser.

Using google’s DNS in the connection settings.
Tips to change your DNS server step by step : https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using
(Thanks for the @Fabrizio Pernice ‘s kindly reminder)

Sorry again for the inconvenience, we will try our best service you all. Thanks!

Reviews:White Spider-Man Future Foundation – from out client’s email

Hello, and good day! I wanted to write a response to zentai-zentai.com to let you know that I had an amazing experience with my purchases off of your website. My most recent one was a M sized “white Spider-man Future Foundation” in medium mens. I must say that I was rather unsure about sizing a first. Some vendors or retailers have large as an average size for me, whereas in others I take a medium. After some thought, I decided to email your website. When I did express my concern about sizing, I got a response very quickly. Within a day. I was impressed! My package was already shipped out, and I couldn’t change sizes, however I was granted a promise of 30% off for a size up if I chose to order again. I thought that was rather awesome as well. It took just under 5 weeks, but I was in no rush for my package.
I found it easy to know what the status of my purchase was by simply logging into your website with my username and password. I could see if it was processing payment, shipped out, and if a tracking number was provided. I could also use this tracking number at sites like Canada post or UPS, and had no difficulty gaining access on delivery time either. I must say it was a good experience, and I will definitely be making many purchases from your manufacturer at zentai-zentai.com in the future.
I am a local Spider-Man model in Edmonton, Ab, Canada. I work with organizations like Stollery Children’s Hospital, Comic Cons, and Comic and Toy Shows. I was recently featured in the Metro Newspaper as well. I make my own suits as well. I also incorporate water shoes (so material won’t brake down when in wear), and provide airbrushing for muscle detail and to help bring the suits to life. Thanks to zentai-zentai.com, you have helped make some of my visions a reality. Here are some samples from your website that I have used as templates, then taken and altered myself! Thanks guys!
And this is my most recent purchase from your website! White Future Foundation Spidey!!!! Love it!
I heard there was a costume contest of you send a customer service response and some pictures. Thanks so much zentai-zentai.com for your awesome lineup of inventory and amazing customer service, email responses, and consistent updates with item tracking. What a super fun and easy experience!
A very happy customer

Add Soles to Zentai Suits

Some clients want to add soles on the zentai suit to make it more durable or walk without slipping. After requested by a client, we added the sole once. But it did not turn out as we expedited. So we googled the ways people do to add the soles to the zentai suit and other bodysuits, we find the best way to do it and which should be done by the client himself/herself.

1. order the zentai suit you want.

2.buy a pair of sport shoes (running shoes are great choice, choose carefully based on the shape of the soles.)

3. cut the soles off the sport shoes and put some glue on them.

4. wearing your zentai suit and step on the soles and it is done!